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Contingent faculty at 2013 AAAs

The American Anthropological Association’s Committee on Labor Relations has a new charge: to poke through the mess that is (that are?) “the labor conditions of anthropologists”, and to suggest a course of action to the AAA’s Executive Board with respect … Continue reading

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The Boundaries of Anthropology

The AAA/Science (non)event was a manifestation of existing fissures within our discipline, and a certain amount of defensiveness about whether anthropology is a science or not (on both sides). I’ve been wondering if part of the problem is the nature … Continue reading

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No Death Panels for Science! AAA Issues Clarification

This was previously called “The Detritus of the AAA/Science Debate” but that was boring. Yes, I’m still talking about it, because there’s a few things I want to say. When the AAA Executive Board issued its clarification, they made a … Continue reading

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