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Technology Tools for Academics: Prezi

Prezi ( is, as the website says, a zooming presentation editor. It has many uses beyond giving a formal presentation, and I will highlight a couple of those here. You can really zoom in on a prezi, which makes for … Continue reading

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America at Work: Dave, painting

This is Dave. Dave was painting the trim outside the Barnes and Noble where I live. I saw him as I walked in, headphones on, his white clothes standing out against the black surface he was painting. I remember thinking … Continue reading

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Technology Tools for Academics: Dropbox

If you need to share a big file, or have access to your files from anywhere, or share a bunch of photos or videos, or are paranoid about backing up, Dropbox is for you. I don’t want to spend too … Continue reading

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Anthropology and Market Research

A long time ago, I was offered a job in a qualitative research company. I ended up not taking it, and returned to academics. That part of it is another story, but the company hired me through campus recruitment. They … Continue reading

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Academics and Real Life

Over the last few years, and particularly over the past few months, I’ve increasingly encountered statements like “academics don’t know anything about real life” or “academics don’t have real jobs” in the media and in popular discourse. I’ve heard it … Continue reading

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The Academic Interview: The Phone Interview

It’s that time of the year. Actually, it’s a little past that time of the year, but at least in anthro, most non-TT positions are interviewing right about now. So I thought I would give you my two cents on … Continue reading

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A Virus Ate My Homework: Technology in the Classroom

We’ve all heard it: “My printer didn’t work, Professor, so I can’t submit my paper on time.” Or, perhaps, “My computer crashed. Everything’s gone. I have to do it all again. Could I have an extension?” They’re the technology excuses. … Continue reading

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