Contingent faculty at 2013 AAAs

The American Anthropological Association’s Committee on Labor Relations has a new charge: to poke through the mess that is (that are?) “the labor conditions of anthropologists”, and to suggest a course of action to the AAA’s Executive Board with respect to these conditions.

One of the things the CLR is doing is sponsoring a workshop on academic labor, with a focus on contingent faculty, at the 2013 AAAs. (November 21, 12:15 pm-1:30 pm).

I will be participating in this workshop. So, fellow contingent faculty, please help me take your voices to the AAAs, even if you are attending, and especially if you cannot go.

I won’t have much time, and I’d like to use that time efficiently to foreground the problems facing contingent faculty (by which I mean adjuncts, part-time faculty, full-time contract faculty, grad students, and all the overeducated, underemployed, and underpaid anthropologists in precarious work conditions out there). I know the problems are legion, so suggestions for focus are also welcome. For instance, “office space/collegiality would be nice.” Other than more pay and job security, which are well-documented issues, what other aspects of labor conditions should be highlighted? And what would you like the AAA to do about it? Do you think the AAA can do anything about it, other than making membership and meetings more accessible to contingent faculty?

Contingent faculty are a diverse lot, and our experiences are diverse. I’d like to go armed with data of some sort so I can convey the breadth of these experiences and the issues non-TT /non-tenured faculty face.

Please write me at anthrocharya[at]yahoo[dot]com. If you will be at the 2013 AAAs, please come to the workshop to talk about your experiences and issues.

The CLR also has a new listserv–you can join by going here.

I’ll keep this post updated. Also, this is not a research project (insert IRB-not-required- disclaimer here) but standard ethical practices of anonymity nevertheless apply.

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