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2010 PhD Challenge

I had never heard of the PhD Challenge until I read about it in today’s Chronicle and Inside Higher Ed, and I figured, we could all use a little humor in our lives right now. (In fact, my first reaction … Continue reading

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No Death Panels for Science! AAA Issues Clarification

This was previously called “The Detritus of the AAA/Science Debate” but that was boring. Yes, I’m still talking about it, because there’s a few things I want to say. When the AAA Executive Board issued its clarification, they made a … Continue reading

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Science, the AAA, and mutual disrespect

I’ve been thinking a long time about blogging on anthropological things, but just never got around to it. I feel sufficiently compelled by the brouhaha over the missing “science” in the AAA LRP to comment on it. For a recap … Continue reading

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